Our MINI NINJA… REC TEAM… and TEAM PREP memberships each include the below classes.

MINI NINJA:  1 Class / Week (45 minutes)

  • Mini Ninja :: Co-ed :: Ages 4 – 6
    • This is a 45 minute class for our youngest athletes.  This class uses obstacles and training techniques suitable for younger athletes.

REC TEAM:  1 Class / Week (45 minutes)

  • Level 1 :: Co-ed :: Ages 6 – 12
    • This is our intro level for our youth ninja program.  New members must either start at this level and progress out of it or schedule a skill evaluation to try and test into a higher level.
  • Level 2 :: Co-ed :: Ages 7 – 12
    • This is our intermediate level for our youth ninja program.  Advancement from Level 1 or skill evaluation required.
  • Level 3 :: Co-ed :: Ages 7 – 12
    • This is our highest level in the class program.  We encourage all students at this level to join our “team prep” program.  Advancement from Level 2 or skill evaluation required.

TEAM PREP:  2 Classes / Week (1.5 hours each)

Below are the only options for this program… both days per week are mandatory.

  • Tuesday:  5:30 – 7:00 PM
  • Friday:  6:00 – 7:30 PM

Interested in our NINJA TEAM?

All athletes interested in our competitive ninja team should purchase our “team prep” membership.  Our “team prep” membership prepares athletes to join our ninja team.  Once athletes gain certain performance criteria… they will be invited to the ninja team.