In-House Team & Super Bees (Pre-Team)

MWT – Hartland has two forms of pre-teams.  They are described below.  Please also see the flow chart at the bottom of the page to give you a better understanding how everything fits together.

In-House Girls Team

The In-House Team is an extension of our recreational class program.   Athletes from our Level 3 and 4 recreational classes can also sign up for the In-House Team. Their regular recreational class is where they will work skills… the team class is where they will work routines.

• Must be currently enrolled in a Level 3 or 4 class
• Must purchase the team leotard (approx. $50-$60)
• Must be currently enrolled in a Level 3 or 4 class and the In-House Team program to be in a competition

• It is recommended that team members also join our 2nd Day Strength program
• It is recommended that team members compete in as many in-house competitions as are offered (each competition will be an additional fee)
• This program is one of the programs that we monitor closely for future Junior Olympic and Xcel team members.  All athletes are encouraged to tryout for these teams when tryout dates come out twice per year.  Athletes that do not make the Junior Olympic or Xcel team programs should stay in our In-House Team and continue to work on their skills and physical abilities.

Competition Dates & Times
• Nov. 11th or 12th as a part of our annual home gymnastics competition.  Actual session date and time will be released once we finalize our meet schedule
• Competitions will be held every 4 – 8 weeks.  More dates TBA soon.

• The In-House Team program qualifies for our regular multi-class and sibling discounts.  See our enrollment information page for more information

In-House Team Registration

Super Bees

More information coming soon.

MWT – Hartland Program Flow Chart

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